With charity shops in nearly every town in the country, most of us have got one nearby we can pop into. There are plenty of opportunities online to buy pre-owned too, from Vinted to Freecycle, so next time you need to buy something new, check out the second-hand options first. It’s a fantastic way to lower your carbon footprint and save money plus you may be able to help out a charity too!



UK residents have one of the highest carbon footprints, per person, in the world, largely due to the amount of new ‘stuff’ we buy, often from abroad where regulations are not always as stringent as in the UK. The manufacture of any new item releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and uses precious resources (2,700 litres of water are used just to grow the cotton for one t-shirt!) Excessive consumerism is causing personal carbon footprints to expand beyond reasonable levels but, by sourcing products already in existence, we can reduce our impact on climate change.

See our feature The Joy of Vintage for an insight into the world of pre-loved fashion.


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