Choose one cupboard or group of things to work on at a time and think about each item – “Do I still use it/wear it/eat it/need it?” If you decide to get rid of anything, try to pass it on to someone else to use, take it to a charity shop, or recycle it. You may be surprised what people want!



According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK is the biggest net importer of carbon dioxide emissions per person in the G7 group of wealthy nations – due to the sheer volume of goods that we buy from abroad. Many of us own more ‘stuff’ than we need. Have you ever bought something new only to find you already had something similar hidden away at the bottom of a drawer? Keeping our possessions organised means we can easily find and use what we already have, reducing the need to buy more. Passing on things we no longer use to other people also saves them from purchasing a new item too!


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