Decide on something you could change or improve on that would have a positive impact on the environment. It could be ‘Start refilling’, ‘Don’t buy any new clothes for a year’, ‘Start meal planning (to reduce food waste and incorporate more plant-based meals)’, ‘Stop buying pre-bottled drinks’ or ‘Start a new hobby which reduces my carbon footprint’. Then tell someone what you’re going to do so you are more committed and hopefully gain some support.



Forming new habits and behaviours is key to our transition to a more sustainable world. There are a lot of choices we can make that reduce our carbon footprint and have a positive effect on our environment. Many things that are good for the environment also have other benefits. For example going for a walk near home and picking up a few pieces of litter at the same time instead of driving to a shopping centre, to buy something unnecessary, saves money and carbon emissions and also improves our physical and mental health.


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