A three-sided box with an open (or removable) front works brilliantly and can be made to fit the size of your garden. Split it into two sections so you can leave one side to break down while you’re filling up the other side. For smaller spaces, two ready-made bins, of almost any size, can be used in the same way. Try and put a good variety of different things in, avoid anything too woody and turn the compost every couple of months to mix everything up. Turning stops the compost getting slimy and deters rodents.



Improving soil quality is one of the first things we can do to boost biodiversity in our outside spaces. Composting, even on a small scale, is a fantastic way of producing your own nutrient-rich soil conditioner. Not only does it save money on compost, it saves the energy that would be used to take kitchen and garden waste to landfill or council refuse facilities.


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