Find your nearest repair café. Search for repair cafe + your town on the internet and you should find something near you. If you live in Hampshire, go to the Hampshire County Council website to find a great timetable of pop-up cafés. Then, when you have something that you can’t mend yourself, take it along (with a small donation) to the volunteer repairers to see if they can fix it for you, before you throw it away and buy a new one.



Like so many eco-friendly solutions, repair cafés have several positives:
They save items from landfill.
They reduce the amount of new things being manufactured.
They provide an opportunity for volunteer repairers to gain satisfaction from using their skills.
They save people money.
They can give items of sentimental value a new lease of life.
They provide a positive, purposeful meeting place for the community.
There is often delicious cake!


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