Do I have to pay anything to join One Positive Change?

No, it’s completely free. We have privately funded development of the website and all the content is provided free of charge because we are passionate about helping our planet.

Do I have to complete every challenge?

No, but every Positive Change makes a difference, that’s the basis of our initiative. Please don’t make yourself miserable or stress too much about doing the ‘right’ thing ecologically all of the time because you can tie yourself up in knots trying to make the best choice. We are all normal people with busy lives and limited budgets but we’re doing what we can, when we can, to help the planet.

I’m already doing some of the challenges, can I click on the Change buttons?

If the challenge has a Lifetime Change button, this usually means it requires an ongoing commitment so please click on that to let us know that you are already doing it permanently. If the challenge only has a Positive Change button, please don’t click on that until you have completed a new action. For example, you may have two trees in your garden already but please don’t click on the Positive Change button, until you plant a new one.

When should I click the Positive Change button?

When you have completed a challenge one or more times, such as replacing one bottle of cow’s milk with a plant-based one, go to that individual challenge page and click on the Positive Change button to add your change to our counter.

When should I click the Lifetime Change button?

Some challenges can be completed many times, until they become a habit so instead of telling us every time you walk to work you can click on the Lifetime Change button. Go to the individual challenge page and click on the Lifetime Change button to add your change to our counter.

Why do I have to click on the buttons to say I’ve done a challenge?

You don’t have to, but we’d really appreciate it, if you did! The counters are visual proof of the progress we are making, as a group and seeing the numbers on the counters increase, provides incentive to others to complete challenges. Also, through the action of clicking on the buttons we feel more of a commitment to the challenge, rather than giving up on it a few weeks later.

Why do I need to register?

Registering allows us to moderate photos and comments before they are posted and limits misuse of the site.

Do I have to subscribe to your mailing list?

No, you don’t have to subscribe to our email list, especially if you are self-motivated. The decision is yours. We have found, however, from personal experience, that we need a little nudge, to remind us of the goals we set ourselves. We only intend to send 2 or 3 short emails a month, to let our subscribers know the current challenge we’re focusing on or to tell them about something new we’ve added to the site.

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